Mystery Box System
Our team is creating our own custom mystery box system, not only for our project, but for all projects interested in working with us. We will of course have our own mystery boxes that we will host for our community. These boxes will allow our community to have a little fun while earning prizes and in the meantime burn $MECH. Our team is also allowing other projects to join us. Projects will be able to purchase this mystery box system from us, and host them for their own community. Here are some of the features they will have...
  • Fully custom integrated dashboard. Projects will be able to control all aspects of their Mystery box here, with ease.
  • Customizable Mystery Boxes. To allow all mystery boxes to look unique, we will allow projects to customize their mystery boxes in their preferable style.
  • Integrating their own tokens. Projects will be able to integrate their own token for their community to purchase these mystery boxes with. This will be a token utility in and of itself and it will help sustain project tokens.
The income we earn from this mystery box system will add to the income used to fund our LP.
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